> 4150 2-Stage Inline Plates
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4150 2-Stage Inline Plates
4150 2-Stage Inline Plates

The Nitrous Pro-Flow 2 Stage Inline Bar Plates were developed for use in traction-limited applications. These plates incorporate four stainless steel spray bars with the same Fan Spray Tube Technology used in all of our nitrous plates. In this configuration, the spray bars are arranged in line instead of in a cross-bar arrangement. This allows the power level between the spray bar sets to be staggered (less horsepower on launch) while maintaining excellent distribution characteristics. The upper bars are used for the first stage and are adjustable from 50-250hp. The lower bars are used as the second stage and are adjustable from 175-350hp.

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NPF 50-600HP W/Burst Panels 4150 

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